Leading Medics’s main goal is to achieve successful sales through well designed commercial actions

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To accomplish it, Leading Medics works hard to generate manufacturers’ confidence with the objective of representing and selling their products and platforms in Spain and potentially in international markets.

Product Feasibility Study
In-depth analysis
Screening of the product by our medical advisor.
Exhaustive testing of the product.
Regulatory review, certifications and validations.
Sales Strategy
Thinking ahead
Business plan.
Optimization of commercial resources.
Geographical distribution.
Product Road Show
Take your brand to the street
We bring the Product “Guru” / Webinars.
The specialist has to know us.
Breakfast and lunch with presentation/s.
Pilot Projects
Key to trust
Investment in Demos.
We work in the reporting with our manufacturer.
Training for healthcare personnel
Correct learning is fundamental
A misused product can be critical.
Correct user training is essential.
We are risking our lives.
stand in specialised congresses
Guaranteed visibility
Many years of experience.
What matters is quality, not space.
We know how to transmit the message.
Advertising and Marketing
Target the specialized medical sector.
Work in social networks.
We are not alone.
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